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Cremation Ashes

Disposition of cremation ashes


Meeting with Minister of Consumer Services

Pandit Roopnauth Sharma on March 30, 2011, met with the provincial Minister of Consumer Services John Gerretsen regarding Hindus needs for the immersion of the cremated ashes in the major water bodies around the GTA. Pandit was accompanied by members of the Hindu Federation, Jay Patel, Teekah Ramnauth, Kanayalal Raina and Premendra Verma.  The Minister was accompanied by five staff members. 

Dispositing of Cremation Ashes

The Hindu community has been working together with the Provincial Government and the different Conservation authorities and has reached an understanding on a short term solution, to address the need for the disposition of Cremation Ash. Honorable Minister Harinder Takhar Minister of Government Services announced on June 25, 2009 on Pickering’s waterfront that Ontarians may scatter cremated ashes of loved ones on Crown land and water such as Provincial Parks, Conservation areas and Great Lakes. It was clearly outlined that the disposition of cremation ash in bodies of water would have no adverse effect on the eco system.