About Us

The Hindu Federation is an amalgamation of temples of varied Hindu denominations and other organizations in Canada. It serves as a platform to bring into the glare of publicity our great community and celebrate its achievements in the areas of religion, arts, culture and heritage. We have been in existence for the last 10 years in Canada. The Hindu Federation has been playing an amazing role as a functional body that represents the burgeoning Hindu community while dealing with the Federal, Provincial and Municipal Levels of governments and other agencies.


  • To be the central voice and action entity on all matters relating to Hindus in Canada 
  • Promote harmony within the Hindu Community through focus efforts to build and maintain relations 
  • Promote harmony within the Canadian mosaic 
  • Provide a forum that is open to addressing the general needs of the Hindu Community 
  • Promote the principles and practices of Hinduism


Maintain a functional body that will be the focal point of representation to all Federal, Provincial and Municipal levels of government and Media and all other entities in matters relating to Hindus in Canada. Establish Portfolios to address the following areas:


  • Guidelines for Temples & Priests
  • Dissemination of Information, Literature/ Scripture
  • Authority on religious and cultural issues

Yourh Involvement:

  • Establish a Youth Arm

Public Relations:

  • Establish a Media Group