Hinduism in the Age of Covid-19



This project will encompass the perspective of Hindus all over Canada regarding the impact of Covid-19 on Hinduism and ways of worship as a whole. Throughout these unprecedented times, religious services and places of worship have adapted to fit the new guidelines to ensure the safety of all. The psychological impact of Covid-19 can be related to the events arising in the midst of what can be seen as the final stage of the virus. One’s perspective on the change in routine and methods used to interact with the Hindu congregation varies based on preference. Spiritual leaders and the Hindu community as a whole have come up with innovative ways to connect and interact with the community. Through these unprecedented times, the Hindu community strives to conduct as many regularly scheduled programs as possible. 

The concept of this project was born based on the desire to inform and gain knowledge about the perception of Covid-19 through the lens of various Canadians. Covid-19 is a medical crisis that has impacted the lives of not only Canadian citizens, but individuals globally. One’s perspective on Hinduism, spirituality and their overall way of life during and after Covid-19, varies by individual and personal experience. Whether it is a change in ways of worship or the way one now lives their life, the experience for a given person differs. In today’s media, the stories based around perspective are often shied away from the general public regardless of how informative and purposeful they may be. It is imperative that the change in spirituality whether positive or negative, is recognized and understood by the general Hindu-Canadian population. Our mission is to enlighten readers on the significant impact of Covid-19 though the perspective of unique Hindu-Canadians.


This project reaches out to individuals Canada-wide, to obtain information on their personal experience with Covid-19 and the impact it may have on every aspect of their lives. Through our research, we go coast-to-coast, province-to-province, to uncover Canadians who will have a unique take on the topic whether it is geographical, occupational or livelihood influences. The information obtained through interviews, recordings or general conversations, will be compiled into a novel of various inputs on the respected topic. With the completion, the book aims to provide factual, raw information and thoughts through the perspective of Canadians alike.


  • Provide knowledge and insight on the vast array of experiences aligned with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic

  • Compile the gathered information into a book that is both organized and structured accurately

  • Capture an accurate perspective on the subject from contrasting and different points of view


  • Conduct thorough research to find potential individuals to speak on their experiences with Covid-19 as well as how their spirituality has changed as a result

  • Contact candidates through the available means of communication for the given person (email, phone number, etc.)

  • Create a template/questionnaire including all necessary information needed to be gathered by all candidates

  • Schedule and execute virtual interviews to obtain required information 

  • Organize and format received information from candidates