Hindu Federation

The Hindu Federation is an amalgamation of temples of varied Hindu denominations and other organizations in Canada. It serves as a platform to bring into the glare of publicity our great community and celebrate its achievements in the areas of religion, arts, culture and heritage. We have been in existence for the last 10 years in Canada. The Hindu Federation has been playing an amazing role as a functional body that represents the burgeoning Hindu community while dealing with the Federal, Provincial and Municipal Levels of governments and other agencies.

Project updates

Disposition of cremation ashesBackgroundThe Hindu Federation has worked over a long period of time with the Provincial Government and the different Conservation authorities to address the need for...
Pandit Roopnauth Sharma on March 30, 2011, met with the provincial Minister of Consumer Services John Gerretsen regarding Hindus needs for the immersion of the cremated ashes in the major water...


List of current proud members of Hindu Federation.

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List of Hindu Temples and other organizations in Canada and other countries.

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In the next few editions of the Hindu Federation newsletter, we will examine a number of matters relating to Governance of Charities. In this edition, we will consider some general concepts....