Hindus In Canada ─ A Compilation of Recollections and Experiences

Background ─ The Dream:

This project endeavours to encompass Hindus across Canada who continue to make immeasurable contributions to the Canadian Hindu community in a significant manner. This project will not only compile their many achievements which have greatly impacted the Canadian way of life, but also detail the struggles and difficulties they have endured to attain such remarkable heights. 

This project was born from a desire to inform Hindus and others across the globe on the valuable contributions made by Hindus to their community and the country. It is imperative that we recognize the successes and spotlight individual experiences that have shaped the Hindu-Canadian society in monumental ways. These stories speak of migration, integration, and determination, underscored by culture, faith and belief. It is our endeavour to relate their experiences in their unedited candour, and spotlight the many Hindu achievements made possible by this welcoming land of Canada. 


This project provides insight on Hindu-Canadian achievements across Canada. Their interviews, recordings and analyses are compiled into a well-structured book that encompasses all fields of accomplishment in every part of Canada. Upon completion, this project will be a factual and anecdotal history of Hindus and their impact in Canada.


  • Compile anecdotes, biographies and recollections from Hindus across Canada concerning their contributions to society 
  • Place all information in a published book, organized and structured accordingly
  • Highlight achievements of Hindus across Canada for general public knowledge 


  • Gather and research information on prominent Hindu figures throughout Canada
  • Contact candidates through available means of communication
  • Conduct virtual/phone interviews with interested candidates
  • Compile and structure information received into a cohesive book