Disposition of Cremation Ashes at Pickering Site

Published On: 
Friday, August 14, 2015

The Hindu Federation met on July 22, 2015 with representatives from the City of Pickering, the Town of Ajax, the Ontario Ministry of Government and Consumer Services, the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and the Toronto Region Conservation Authority to discuss an upgrade to the ashes disposition site at the foot of Squires Beach Road in Pickering.

The meeting was convened by Mr. Deepak Bhatt of the City of Pickering, following discussions between Pandit Roopnauth Sharma and the Mayor of Pickering, Mr. David Ryan. Pandit Roopnauth Sharma had discussed the idea of an upgrade of the site, following his visit to South Africa, where he noted that the disposition sites include an enclosed area (which in turn includes a receptacle for the disposition of the cremation ashes and a run off connection that is linked to a body of water).

 The concept that was agreed upon for the Pickering site is a gazebo-type structure for gathering of family members and an upgrade. The following issues were discussed in relation thereto:

·         Ownership of the land, need for lease etc.

·         The need for a building permit

·         Re zoning

·         Financing of the structure (likely to be done by the Hindu Federation).

 The representative from the Toronto Region Conservation Area will follow up with the appropriate authorities and report back to the group.