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One of the largest of its kind here in Canada, BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir is a prime example of the growth of the Hindu community in the recent years in the GTA Located at: 61 Claireville Dr, Etobicoke ON Canada M9W 5Z7 Phone Number: (416) 798-2277
Bhavani Shankar Mandir is a Hindu temple that promotes community culture and values that stem from Sanatan Dharma. The Mandir's willingness to continue learning has given it the ability to put youth first, inspiring future generations to upkeep our traditions, values and devotion. As always, its intent is to simply, yet significantly, create a positive impact in our surrounding community.
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January 2015
The CHHC uses its platform to educate the surrounding Hindu Community as well as Promoting Hindu Dharma Located at: 270 Export Blvd, Mississauga. ON, L5S 1Y9 Phone: 905 696 8886
The Datta Yoga Centre has been established since 1992 and excels in promoting ideals of love and brotherhood, through activities yoga, healing and meditation along with music and social services though out the world. Located at: 5422 Second Line, Erin. ON L7J 2L9
Established in 2005, it is a non-profit, tax exempt religious organization dedicated to serve the religious and cultural needs of the Sindhi community in Canada.The goals that it strives to fulfill are to serve the needs of all denominations of Sindhi & Hindu community. It is the first such Sindhi temple in Canada.Located at 207 Queens Plate Drive Toronto, Ontario, M9W 6Z7,Canada
Hindu Heritage Centre is a Hindu temple and a Hindu Community Centre. It is also considered to be one of the largest Hindu temples in Canada. They use their facilitates in order to educate young Hindus around they area in Music, Classical Dance and Language Course. The temple officially opened on a three day celebration from May 5 to May 8, 2011. Located at: 6300 Mississauga Rd Mississauga, ON L5N 1A7 Phone: (905) 369-0363
Maha Rudra Dev Mandir commenced religious services on August 15, 2014 under its Spiritual Leader, Pundit Ravi Sharma. It was established to provide a place of worship for our Hindu community. Approximately 70% of its congregation are youths, in keeping with one of its aims. The Mandir is located at 850 Tapscott Road, Unit #34, Scarborough, ON M1X 1N4. Tel # 647 231 4552.
Shri Ram Mandir, has been to known for providing exceptional quality service in the form of Spiritual guidance and Cultural preservation. Through it ideal location, the Temple has been able to tend to the needs of over three thousand (3,000) families. At there facility they promote Sanathan Dharma through encouraging the education of Hindu Youths and selfless service to the community. Located at: 270 Export Blvd. Mississauga, ON L5S LY9 Phone: 905 696 8886
The temple is know to be the home to one of the largest collection of energized Hindu deities in Canada and conducts authentic pujas, homas as well as classes in Yoga, Meditation, Kriyas and other activities.Located at: 1960 Ellesmere Rd. 10. Toronto, Ontario M1H2V9 Phone: 416 429 2089
Radha Krishna Mandir uses its platform to promote their goals of being able to teach about the Hindu Religion and Dharma along with languages like Hindi and Sanskrit, promoting and teaching music, dance and art, providing financial and other assistance to the needy of all religious persuasions in all parts of the world and to print, publish, sell and distribute educational materials and literature pertaining and relevant to the Hindu Religion. Located at: 67 Old Mill Road Cambridge, On Phone: 519-650-1575
The mission of Rameshwar Mandir is centred on Hindu worship, prayer, philosophy, education and an assimilation of values stemming from the precepts of Hinduism. It is a charity devoted to cultural enhancement. It works to empower youths through various developmental classes, and nurtures the old through care initiatives. Its programs and services extend to whole families and the entire community. It is located at 13304 Heartlake Road, Caledon, ON L7C 2J4. Telephone # 905 790 7464. Additional information can be obtained via
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This temple has been working towards the promotion of the Hindu Faith through their ideals to preach and advance the teachings of the Sri Venkateswara Hindu faith and religious tenets, doctrines observances and culture associated with that faith and to establish and maintain a religious/Cultural school of instruction for children, youth and adults. Located at::226 Jones Rd, Hamilton, ON L8E 5J4 Phone: 9057305760
Using this platform, Devi Mandir has providing excellent services to the community and been at a fore front o promoting ideals such as service to others and love as well taking time to connect and engage their youth in many activities related to our sacred culture. Located at: 2590 Brock Rd Pickering ON L1V 2P8 Phone: 905 686-8534
The Toronto Hindu Dharmic Sabha works to continue to evolve and deliver their teachings to the youths in a way that is congruent with current learning trends and to keep them interested in the culture, religious beliefs and spiritual enlightenement in our Dharma. The Toronto Hindu Dharmic Sabha over the years has shown a continued commitment to continue to promote the concept of strengthening your personal relationship with with the Divine Located at:130 Westmore Dr Etobicoke ON M9V 5E2 Phone: 416 605-5210
The Vaishno Devi Mandir uses it platform to educate and promote Hindu Dharma in their community, By sponsoring and hosting events relevant to the betterment of their community,this mandir has established and provided a place for devotees to express their hearts wishes to the Divine Mother. Located at:3259 Bronte Rd Oakville ON L6M 4J3 Phone: (905) 825-4202
From Conception Vishnu Mandir has established its self at the forefront of propagating Hindu Culture and Dharma through various platforms. These platforms include education and awareness of the vastness of Hindu Culture and Traditions through museums and other sponsored annual events open the the community. Located at: 8640 Yonge St Richmond Hill ON L4C 6Z4 Phone: (905) 886-1724
Sanatan Mandir Cultural Centre is described as the result of twenty years of work by many dedicated individuals. They have used their platform to promote Sanatan Dharma though education of young people and spreading awareness throughout their community Located at: 9333 Woodbine Ave, Markham ON L6C 1T5 Phone: (905) 887-7777